Sarellas Store

The company

The company works with Chris Sarellas consistency and reliability since 1974. Headquartered in Kalamata and major commercial activity of the company remain the hardware - colors. In our store you will find Power Tools, Hand Tools, construction chemicals, agricultural tools and many other species.

New Products

Within the company's growth in 2007 was a transfer in the space today, 207 Athens Avenue, in an area of ​​about 800sq. m.for better customer service and ability to easily and comfortable parking.

In addition, the company Located in constant search spread to other commercial areas and started cooperation with international companies such as Germany Brunner, MCZ Italy, BLANZEC Czech, HAAS + SOHN Austria, for the sale and marketing of a wide variety of energy and cast iron fireplaces, ovens, stoves, barbeque and ironmongery.

Finally, we should note that we offer a free site survey should you install any class of fire. The excellent and well our team of Engineers and Architects possessing the necessary expertise to provide aesthetic appeal and satisfy your taste!


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